rogers park center for the visual arts
1806 W. Greenleaf
Chicago, IL 60626
Ph: 773-465-4652

Workshops and Art Salons are open to all GAC Members, family and art patrons who are fully vaccinated. For everyone's safety during this challenging time all events are held in the Art Center building, 1806 West Greenleaf Ave in the Open Studio Area.

Art Center COVID Update: Sadly, in order to address the threat of the Covid-19 Delta Variant we are going to have to step back a bit and ask that everyone go back to wearing a mask in the common areas. Mask up, need to keep your mask on in your private studio. With many of our members going back to the physical office and teaching positions, as well as our children starting physical school we need to stay safe for a while and let things settle. we hope this will not be for an extended amount of time, as the variant plateaus and more people out there get vaccinated we will hope for better news very soon.

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