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Studios range in size from 40 to 500 sq. ft. Interested artists should call (773) 465-4652 or email us at to inquire about currently available spaces or to add your name to our mailing list.

In the studio

"In the Studio" and artist for today is Marlon Lyles. Marlon is a Chicago native, former school teacher and long time resident of Rogers Park. His love of dance, movement, order and whimsy permeates his geometric abstract work. Nearly all work is ink on paper and acrylic painting. His current works are focusing on a G-man series, geometric abstraction and current social issues. Marlon's work resides at Greenleaf Art Center and LYCO Gallery at Zhou B Art, held by he and his husband.

"In the studio" and featured artist for today is Jill Sutton . Jill holds a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis and an MFA from California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Her work has been exhibited extensively throughout Chicago including shows at Evanston Art Center, Greenleaf Art Center, Bridgeport Art Center, Gallery Studio Oh!, Jackson Junge Gallery, Melanee Cooper Gallery, University Club of Chicago, Governors State University, Center on Halsted, Bridge Art Fair and Elmhurst Art Museum. Her work is included in many collections. She currently is on the painting and drawing faculty of Evanston Art Center. She is originally from Columbus, Ohio, but has lived in Chicago for over 20 years. Jill is also a long time Greenleaf Art Center artist, she has been painting and contributing to Gallery Exhibitions and Open Studio events for 20 years.

"In the studio" and featured artist for today is Carole Gibb. As a painter I am interested in color, structure, shape, line and form. Most of my work is abstract in form. I use processes that invite chance, such as layering, scraping and pouring to develop the surface quality and the composition. This allows ideas to emerge from the paint itself, suggesting new avenues to explore, but I also impose a rigorous thought process upon the work that is highly ordered and architectural. The pouring process allows me to move the canvas to mix colors and then accenting areas where I can create images and color patterns that are unexpected.

"In the studio" and featured artist for today is Rev. Kurt Fondriest. Rev. Kurt's work is inspired by a spiritual connection with the creative visual act of storytelling. He sees art as a style of metaphysical, spiritual and inspirational visual storytelling. He wants the viewer to become engaged in these simple sacred moments he expresss through a symbolic visual language. There is a universal theme in Kurts work which is inspired by the concept of creation. Creation is still creating and each second of our lives we are bearing witness to this spiritual living process.

"In the studio" and featured artist for today is Jeff Cote. Jeff is an abstract artist who began this journey with a paintbrush at the age of 50, retiring from work in the financial world. Creating abstract work is a challenge and a joy, letting go of emotion and energy and capturing it all on the canvas. His work ranges from small to large works on paper and canvas, creating and displaying work in his studio at Greenleaf Art Center and showing at the LyCo Gallery at the Zhou B Art Center, held by he and his husband.

"In the studio" and featured artist for today is Emmy Savage. Emmy is a landscape painter and writer who has lived in the San Luis Valley of south-central Colorado since 2011. Her work is about spiritual connection to the natural world and our relationship with solitude, contemplation, and encounter with presence and absence. Emmy is an Associate Artist now but plans, during this time of plague and uncertainty, to move her studio to the Greenleaf Art Center as she completes her relocation to Chicago in the coming months.

"In the studio" and featured artist for today is George E. Thompson. George is a man of few words. When I asked him to send me a little bit about his process he said "Just making more art. Ideas never stop." Visiting George's studio is like an adventure in a colorful forest. It's a favorite spot for visitors at Open Studio Events.

"In the studio" and featured artist for today is Tanya Marquez. From Tanya's Artist Statement: I remember as a kid drawing pictures for my friends and family, and subconsciously, I used drawings as a sense to belong. I was pretty shy growing up in a family of musicians and outgoing personalities. My artwork became my preferred way of expressing myself from an early age. Gifting my friends with drawings of flowers, portraits and pretty dresses was my way of appreciating their friendship. As I got older, my style of art matured into images with underlying themes of social justice, equality and culture celebrations and differences. I am very passionate about finding the good in the bad, the beauty in the awkward, and the sweet in the menacing as a reminder that the world is all connected, and even though we cherish the individualization of beings, a side of us also wants to belong and be part of a whole on some level

My artwork is a direct physical record of thought and energy transferred to a chosen medium: It is derived from my awareness of the world and a conscious and subconscious expression of its influence. Mark works in the Open Studio Area of the Art Center, he is shown here surrounded by his work.

Tod Tappert picked up his first drawing pencil and paint brush at the age of forty eight having spent most of is adult life working in the corporate world. Painting has been the gateway to a personal journey of discovery and possibility, of hope, anticipation and even joy... with a little bit of struggle thrown into the mix. He is in the front of the art center in studio #32.

Marcus Sisler in his studio surrounded by some of his abstract creations. We thank Marcus for the painting "Gone Too Soon" which is featured on the post card & invitation to to the Fall 2017 Group Exhibition and Open Studio Event Fear No Art, artists reception to be held on Friday, October 13, 2017.

Frances Cox in her studio at Greenleaf Art Center. Her abstract still life are done with oil on canvas.

This is GAC newcomer Sarah Emerick, who was a little shy that day. If you like vintage digs and unique jewelry, you should check out her studio.

Artist Bonnie Donaghy putting the finishing touches on a new painting.


Artist Susan Range becomes a part of a work in progress.


Artist Jan Pappas creating another of her whimsical kittens.